Web and Internet Services

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The Internet is often your first and only
impression for your business!
Make sure yours is one that you would want to see!


web hosting

When it comes to web hosting you have many options. Hosting companies generally oversell you on what it is you truly need. Requirements vary based on what you will be doing. An insufficient hosting plan will run slow and often frustrate visitors which ultimately leads them to leaving your site. We will handle your hosting for you and provide you with only what you need.

graphic design

We helped hundreds of businesses just like yours to succeed with their graphic design projects. Our creative design style is 100% unique for every client. We succeed by delivering results that will make your business look good. From Ad Design, Banners, Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, Letterhead, Logos, Postcards, Proofs and more, we do it all.

Marketing and advertising Material

The wrong marketing design can actually reduce the sales of a product. By using tried and tested approaches we ensure top results. Too often graphic artists are more concerned with their artwork than with your sales. Once we’ve identified your target market and what we should focus on, we develop a winning strategy. We like to say "If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative."

VoIP Phone solutions

Cut the Cord and Get a Complete Cloud Phone System. The cloud-based phone system is an all-inclusive unified communication (UC) solution designed for small to large enterprises. With features such as automated attendant, call forwarding, voice mail, and other features it is a smart choice. Cloud solutions can make a two phone number business look like a 100 employee business.

content development

The best of websites without content optimized for search engines will languish in obscurity.  Creating website content can be a very tedious task . For some, it’s a matter of time and resources, for others it is a difficult task. Instead of delaying the launch of your newly designed website, Point One can help with your content development needs or simply do it.

software development

Each custom application is designed  to automate tasks and simplify your business. In addition, the software we develop is design to seamlessly integrate with your existing operations and expand as your business grows. From a simple database to a custom application or a business solution, we are able to meet your requirements today and your needs of tomorrow.

internet marketing

Create a plan to boost your leads and sales from online marketing. Are you making the most of the opportunity of online marketing? With so many potential buyers actively using search engines, websites, apps and social media to decide on the best product or service, you have to be visible and provide the best experience to help them choose your brand.  

ECOMMERCE marketing

One of the most important items in your online store is to have proper banners and ads on the storefront that attracts people to shop. We can design slides/banners that will attract the attention of your viewers and encourage a sense of need to purchase. All banners and ads we create are turned over to you to use in all of your marketing areas.

manuals and documentation

Content plays an important role in how companies products, and services are received and consumed. For most companies, developing and maintaining content is not an easy. This is not a function for an inexperienced writer. It is critical that you find experienced writing professionals who can see the and understand your customers’ and employees’ needs and demands.

point of sale

As a retailer, you do more than process sales. That’s why our POS software solutions for retail helps you manage inventory, run reports, order from suppliers, and handle the day-to-day of running a retail business. We can also connect the POS to your ecommerce site and consolidate all business into one solution.